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Terrene by SlickRamen for the 7th ScoreSpace Game Jam

A little rushed, so I didn't manage to get everything I wanted in.


Mouse - Select Tiles (Right Click brings up a popup menu which can be selected with Left Click, some buildings can be Left Clicked to bring up additional menus.)

Enter - Submit Score / Skip Turn


Your goal is to build a Rocket Silo before an asteroid slams into your planet and kills you. You need to trade resources for gold and use that gold to buy the Rocket Silo.

Mines will produce bricks, Farms will produce wood, and (when supplied with Bricks) Refineries will produce Ingots. Factories can be upgraded and will produce different tiers of items that sell for different amounts. I had originally planned to do more with resources, so if you feel the need to buy some resources only to sell them again, you can do so by Left Clicking and item icon in the trade menu (If you want to sell an item, you can right click on an item icon in the trade menu, provided you have enough resources).

When in the build menu, you can drag with Right Click to reveal more building options.

Code and Art by me, Music and Sounds by Flalcon

Left Click on the Title for a surprise :)


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Wow, nice indie game i love the style but you can work a bit more on the hud.