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Made in under a week for the Weekly Game Jam #100.

Travel up a building whilst shooting at enemies, defeating bosses, buying items and dying. 

Don't really know what else to say about this game. I really enjoyed making it, and would appreciate if you tried it out :)


W|A|D - Move

SPACE - Shoot / Punch / Enter

I hope you enjoy!


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100 Bullets - Windows 21 MB


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Thanks for playing it! Probably should've explained it a bit more in the description, and maybe made a menu where you could change your controls. I'll keep it in mind for future jams :)

Oh yeah, customizing controls is an absolute must for a  final product - but I'd never expect that under jam conditions. Hope the feedback is useful!

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The graphics and sound are really well done. However.....could you make the normal enemies a little different from the player. It can be a little confusing as to which character is the player.

Either way, I really love the presentation and effects. Good work none the less


looks good, feels good. the window is pretty small. i think a bigger window can benefit play even if you're not increasing the resolution. i mean why did you make 2x instead of 1x right? the way you handled the shooting cooldown frustrated me. i should be able to turn around if im not holding space, and i should never shoot if im not holding space. there was more potential for the controls to make this game more fun. finally, i have no idea how to dodge the shooting guys.

Gotcha. Forgot to make the game full screen, and I'm not sure why it'd be shooting if you're not holding space...

it's only one shot when it happens. im assuming a timer gets reset if you're holding space and it shoots when the timer runs out. so if you let go while it's running out it could shoot without you holding space?

While there is a shooting timer, that's only for the shooting cool down. 


I really enjoyed this one. The graphics are music were great and I love that transition effect between screens. The screen shake and animation effects really add to the vibe of the game.

At first I didn't realize you had to shoot the enemies 3 times to kill them and I actually ended up mostly jumping on their heads because I found it more fun and sometimes easier.  I wonder how it would feel if you had to shoot them twice or if that would be too easy.

I played this for probably half an hour and managed to get as far as the first boss, but sadly I did not beat it. Overall it is fairly challenging although after a while I could get the first 5 floors down pretty easily.   However after that you introduce the enemies with guns and sometimes they can spawn and shoot within  like 1 second and I usually lost my health to those guys.  I was very happy to see the shop had a max health upgrade in it though.

Yeah, I was going to add a difficulty option that made enemies easier, but didn't have enough time to do so. Really happy you enjoyed it!


really funny game , hard but I really enjoy it :)


Wow very nice little game here ! I really liked the music and the sounds. Effects are also very good. It's feel "punchy" :) The graphics are basic but they work very well. I thought it was a little too hard, but it's also because I'm not good at it ahah. It would be nice to add other controls (arrows or ZQSD). Good work !!


Hopefully in the final build there will be a controls menu.


Love the art and effects, makes the movement and attacks feel really punchy. 

Seems really difficult at the moment. One suggestion would be to add knockback on the enemies when you shoot them. You could also just add more health. I didn't make it to a shop if there was one -- does the shop have health?

It's interesting how the game plays out, because it's actually more about jumping over enemies than shooting them. I think the really good effects on the shooting (compared to the relative lack of "punch" on the jump) made me subconsciously focus on shooting over jumping when I first started playing, which didn't end well. So maybe adding knockback is a bad idea since it'd make things too easy.


Thanks! I'll keep this in mind before submitting the final build :)